The Hanover College IRB is responsible for approving, requiring modifications in (to secure approval), or disapproving all research activities involving human subjects conducted by representatives of Hanover College. For more information, see the Overview. For a full description of the IRB’s procedures, see the Written Procedures. Questions? Contact the current chair of the IRB, Dean Jacks, at .

Application Procedure

All research involving human participants that is conducted by students, employees, or faculty of Hanover College must first be approved by the Institutional Review Board. To submit an application to the Board, please login using your Hanover email username and password to begin working on your application. For questions or problems with this website, please contact Bill Altermatt at For questions about the application or review process, please contact Dean Jacks at

You may not begin data collection until you have received notification from the IRB that your study has been approved.